I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am so blessed for all that he has done in my life.  He has give me what I define as abundant life.  Whenever I look around me I see his hand at work, not only in the amazing world he has created but also in the wonderful people he has allowed me to know.  Life is good. 

 suppose my interest in nature photography comes from the appreciation I have for the reflections I see of him in what he made.  Whether it is a flower or a nebula, there is always a revelation of his glory to be found and a call to appreciate him for his wisdom.  Photography (and painting!) freezes a moment in time long enough to stop, look, see, and then enjoy amazing things we usually fail to notice when we just "look around".  I hope that folks who see my photographs will see things they did not notice before and even more, appreciate the One who made the things that are in my images.


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