Balloons are very cool, especially those big hot air balloons that you get to see this time of year in Lake Havasu City. They are very photogenic, of course. You cannot go far wrong just taking snapshots. However, once in a while, if you wait for just the right time and the right light, you can get something unusual.

This shot happened very late in the day when the sky was mostly overcast and I was on the north side of the balloons. The light on the west side of the balloons lit up the edge just right, at least I think so. Then the color of the clouds was very warm and I like that too.

I am trying to develop my composition skills too. I think I hit the rule of thirds pretty good (cropped it!) but it also follows the rule of odds. Lastly, I think this one has a foreground, a mid ground and a back ground too. Plus, for added fun, there is some pretty good negative space. SO… what do YOU think?

I hear there is a Campers For Christ Ministries meeting scheduled for Albuquerque in October, maybe I can get some more balloons there! I wish I could find something spiritual to connect to all this fun I have taking and developing photographs. The closest thing I can think of was that the balloons were cool and made even better by a Creator who made the sky beautiful that night.


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