Balloons are very cool, especially those big hot air balloons that you get to see this time of year in Lake Havasu City. They are very photogenic, of course. You cannot go far wrong just […]

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The End Of The Day

Don’t you just love sunsets? Here in Arizona, when there are clouds, the sunsets can be spectacular. Some times it seems like the sky is on fire. At other times the sunsets are more subtle […]

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The Desert Blooms

East of Parker, Arizona there are miles and miles of desert with just a few roads. The area appears to be desolate and dreary for the most part. The wind blows over the dry brush, […]

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Hello World Indeed!

One of these days I will get around to blogging. I certainly have a few opinions. Most of them are best kept to myself while the Lord works out my tendency to be critical. Older […]

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